Mission: Create beautiful experiences, enrich lives, make a positive impact.


Values: Art is love. Music is communication. Harmony is health and happiness.


Oceano is a Leave No Trace event.

The team behind Oceano has over 50 years of experience producing events: Oceano Co-Founder Anton Tumas is Founder of Subtract Music, and Creative Director of Love Long Beach Festival (15k people in attendance 2016, 2017 and 2018). Oceano Co-Founder Michael Stackhouse of Kinetic Rhythm Entertainment has been producing events for over 20 years.

Team Oceano

Anton Tumas

Subtract Music

Anton is the founder of Subtract Music event production, record label and sound company. He's the Creative Director of Love Long Beach Festival (15k people 2018)

Michael Stackhouse

Kinetic Rhythm

Michael has over twenty years experience producing music events. He's an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

California State Parks

Oceano Dunes District

We're working with Pismo State Beach staff to produce this leave no trace event. They're excited to ensure you enjoy a safe and responsible celebration.